Let's Get Physical! : Outdoor Activities

El Dorado Nature

The Nature Center ground has 106 acres and serves as a shelter for animal and plant life

A worthwhile hike anyone can enjoy with their family! Any age group can discover something to enjoy! Whether older hikers choose the 2 mile path or the quarter mile path for young hikers.

There are lots of activities that anyone can enjoy, whether it's relaxing by the ponds or observing wildlife. Little ones can also play near the amphitheater.

El Dorado Nature Center 7550 E Spring St, Long Beach, CA 90815

Phone: (562)570-1745


Trails: Tuesday-Sunday, 8AM-5PM

No trail after 4:30PM

Museum: Tuesday-Sunday, 8AM-4PM

How Much Does It Cost?
- It's FREE to enter, but there IS a vehicle charge

Weekday: $6
Friday: $7
Weekend: $8

Holidays: $9

List of Activities to Do
- Fishing
- Archery
- Bike Rental, Bike Paths
- Playgrounds
- El Dorado Frontier

Whaley Park

One of the best parks in the community of LB, located right next CSULB

Whaley Park offers lots of climbing grounds, has a range of STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, mathematics) focused sensory play

Whaley Park Includes:
- Various playground structures
- Two basketball courts
- A large baseball field
- A roller hockey practice court
- Swing set for all ages
- Picnic tables
- Community Center


5620 E Atherton St, Long Beach, CA 90815


- Monday-Friday: 2:30PM-5:30PM

- Weekends: closed

Centennial Farm

Designed to teach the youth about agriculture and its significance to everyday life.

Little ones can see real, live animals whether they are big or small.
At Centennial Farm, you can visit livestock, the Millennium Barn, and their garden


88 Fair Drive, Costa Mesa


- Monday-Friday: 1PM-4PM

- Saturday-Sunday: 10Am-4PM

Cost: FREE !

There's lots of animals to visit!

Heres what to expect:

- Cows

- Chickens
- Goats
- Oxen
- Sheeps
- Donkeys
- Alpacas
- Peacocks
- Rabbits

Other Exhibits:
- Radish Plantig Station
- Cow Milking Demonstration
- Baby Chick Exhibit, where the youth can pet chicks, view incubators and chick eggs!