Garden Adventure with Ground Education

On October 15, we spent the day in the garden with Ground Education, an outdoor learning nonprofit organization. Ground Education partners with elementary schools and organizations like AtDE to provide children with hands-on gardening experiences and “encourages all kids to explore the important connections between healthy food, a vibrant community, and environmental responsibility.”

“At Ground Education, the natural world is our classroom. We teach robust lessons in elementary school gardens and green spaces that nurture every student’s academic, physical and emotional well-being.”

Ground Education came to the garden with a lesson on being conscious about where our food is grown. We discovered that a lot of the time, our food is being grown all over the globe; afterward, we discussed the importance of local alternatives. We were able to plant carrot seeds and lettuce in one of our garden beds. It is exciting for children to be able to grow their own food and to know exactly where it comes from. Knowing it was grown within your community can create a positive relationship with nature and nutritional options.

We want to thank Ground Education for spending the day with us and for providing children with important knowledge and skills on nature and food. You can find more information on Ground Education by visiting their website.

Watch our interview with Ground Education’s Founder and Co-Director Karen Taylor.