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Sheila Grantham

Founder, Director

In 2015, Ms. Sheila G. completed her last round of chemotherapy while teaching in the Imperial Courts, a public housing project in Watts, California. One of her preschool children spoke to her about the dangers of living in the projects. He was not allowed to go outside on weekends due to violence and drug-abuse in his neighborhood. This inspired Sheila to found Adventures to Dreams Enrichment and empower marginalized youth by engaging them in hands-on enrichment. Sheila is a two-time cancer survivor with over 20 years of experience in education. Over the course of her career, she has been an early childhood educator, and preschool owner and director. Her mission is to positively impact children through AtDE, by providing gardening, science, and art activities in a safe, fun learning environment.

“I truly believe that youth need to be enriched through education, cultural diversity and mentorship experiences. These are essential to their growth, development and reaching their full potential in life. Adventures to Dreams makes a positive difference in the lives of the youth we serve!”
Motto: “When you listen, you learn!”

Christian Solorzano


Christian Solorzano is a California State University, Long Beach student, expecting to graduate 2021. Being a major in photography, he enjoys photographing the world every day and viewing things through different perspectives. Mistakes are his treasure because he believes process is more important than outcome.

“Adventures to Dreams has helped me grow both socially and systematically. This program is extraordinary in a way that allows children ages 4-13 to touch upon things that will never be taught in school settings and in turn flourish their curiosities. From gardening to cooking, to science experiments and other mind-enriching activities; I am glad to be a part of this fast-growing organization and overall in pleasure to be framing unique moments during our adventures.”

Vivianna Goh

Assistant Director

Vivianna Goh is a Social Ecology PhD student at University of California, Irvine, and plans to pursue a career in public policy and urban planning. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Dietetics and Food Administration from CSULB. Vivianna helps direct volunteers, organize activities, and assist Ms. Sheila in program operations.

“The kids love growing and eating their own food, interacting with each other, and learning about art and science. Adventures to Dreams encourages everyone to dream big, even the families and volunteers! I love this program because everyone involved gets to learn from each other.”

LT (La Tisha) Clayton

Program Assistant

L.T. is Sheila’s daughter. She is a Content Creator specializing in producing promotional videos, documentaries and project management for clients worldwide. She has a Sociology degree from Sacramento State University and a Film Production degree from Sacramento City College. As a result of her Mom’s positive influence – strong emphasis on education, exposure to diverse cultures and travel throughout childhood – she has a deep appreciation for learning, has traveled to various parts of the world and loves connecting with people from diverse backgrounds.

“My Mom has been a firm education advocate all my life. She believes it is the only way an individual stands a chance at reaching their potential. She also believes in exposing children to different cultures and environments so they can develop a well rounded view of our world and not be limited by a single view or experience – this is exactly her aim in developing Adventures to Dreams. My Mom is amazing! I am thankful for her love and sacrifice in raising me! She is a blessing in the life of everyone exposed to her good will.”

James Leung

Garden Lead

James graduated from University of California, Irvine with his degree in Urban Studies and Social Ecology. He began working with our organization through UCI's Field Study program. During Field Study, James took the initiative to assist with garden maintenance. He was hired after his internship and received training from urban farmer Ken Sparks (The Farmer Ken). Now James is trains interns as our Garden Lead. Thanks to his work, our garden has been able to grow and thrive!

Angel Lopez

Garden Assistant

Angel joined Adventures to Dreams Enrichment in 2021 as an intern through Pacific Gateway, a public agency that offers career services and employment opportunities to youth ages 14-24. In 2022, Angel was hired as our Garden Assistant. He helps our garden flourish and is a wonderful mentor to our Adventure Kids.

"Adventures to Dreams has really provided me so much knowledge and wisdom that I will always carry around with me. I am very blessed and thankful to be working in a place that gives so much to the kids in the community. It also teaches and allows kids to be creative and not to be afraid to come out of their comfort zones, and also providing them with skills that they wouldn't normally be taught in school like gardening. Overall Adventures to Dreams is an extraordinary program and I wouldn't want to be working anywhere else."

Daniel Speer

Marketing Lead / Videographer

Daniel graduated from California State University Long Beach in 2014 with a degree in communications. His Varying interests have led him to a generalized knowledge of multimedia production, including video, photography and music. His expertise in communications and passion for social justice lead him to his work with Adventures to Dreams Enrichment.

"Adventures to Dreams Enrichment is meeting a need in Long Beach. Not only is it a place where the younger folks of Long Beach can meet, socialize and learn about the environment, but the majority of the programs this organization offers are completely free. Children who otherwise have very limited opportunities to connect with nature are being taught about the animals, plants, gardening and their own impact on the world around them."

Kenya Tovar

Marketing / Social Media

Kenya Tovar, is fourth-year Business Marketing student at California State University of Long Beach. She has huge interest in digital marketing, market research and data analytics which motivated her to pursue a Business Data Analytics certificate at CSULB. Originally from Mexico City, Mexico she moved to the United States to study her Undergraduate Degree. She considers herself an adventurous girl who is passionate about life, nature and traveling. In addition to this, she is an advocate of environmental causes and humanitarianism. In Adventures to Dreams Enrichment, she has the opportunity to work in the marketing team with like-minded individuals who work to promote the substantial organization's purpose of empowering kids and providing them with all the resources for their future, thus bettering our world.