Who We Are

Who We Are

Adventures to Dreams Enrichment is a nonprofit  501(c)(3) organization, founded by Ms. Sheila G. in 2015. We provide fun, hands-on, educational activities for youth ages 5-16.

A child’s mindset begins to develop at birth. We believe that enrichment can plant positive seeds in the minds of growing youth. This is our “Busy hands = Busy minds” concept: providing activities that encourage kids to explore their limitless creativity and absorb knowledge about the world around them.

Gardening brings tranquility and peace of mind; Combined with hands-on Art and STEM, our activities open their minds to a complete potential for learning, all while experiencing fun, laughter, and excitement.Our hope is that the youth who attend our program leave with the inspiration to dream BIG and the belief they can achieve anything in life.

Adventures to Dreams Enrichment is a vital resource for youth, families, and the community it serves. Ms. Sheila wholeheartedly believes in positively shaping youth to be well rounded and prepared for their futures! 


Our mission is to empower youth through hands on learning, mentorship, and field trip activities. 


Our vision is to educate and inspire youth and make the world a better place.